About us

Who we are

Pegasys PC is a Montreal based company specialized in hand building custom PCs. We offer our services and products throughout Canada. Our mission is to offer the best selections of computers and accessories in the gaming industry. By buying a PegasysPC gaming hand built computer, you are buying quality, performance and value. PegasysPC is, by far, one of the best Canadian company in the custom building computer industry, whether it’s for gaming, work or school. We accommodate all types of computers. We have a variety of models, starting from the tower to the power supply unit, and options, from Intel to AMD Ryzen. We are able to offer a custom build computer adapted to your budget and your needs, depending on the games you want to play and if you’d like to stream on Facebook, Twitch or other streaming platforms. All of our computers are built with precision. Our technicians ensure the proper functioning of each computer built. They follow a series of tests before shipping across Canada for free.

Shopping Experience

We believe that great gaming experience starts when you purchase your computer. That’s why at PegasysPC, we want to give you the best shopping experience you’ve ever had. We give you the choice without the hassle. Just pick your components and have your PC hand built and shipped at your door with complete peace of mind. You choose the perfect combination of quality, performance, and value to ensure you have the power to play the games you want. You can pick the components starting from the case of your choice to any aesthetics add-ons such as RGB lights that are provided by your fans, RAM, GPU holder or the tower itself. You have the opportunity to add any kind of aesthetics that makes your build look fantastic. Our goal in the computer gaming industry is to provide the best system in order to have the greatest gaming experience.  We treat each system with care and guarantee a quality build no matter the budget. Clarity and transparency are our number one priority; by building with us, there are no surprises. YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR PC. 

Customer Service

We are well aware that you are spending a hefty amount of money on your gaming system, and that’s why we offer 5 star customer service & support. If you want a specific item on your build that is not in our list, let us know! You can chat with us over the phone at 438-883-1100 or email us at contact@pegasyspc.com it will be our pleasure. Don’t hesitate to send us any suggestions. we take all recommendations, advice and ideas under consideration in order to provide the greatest customer experience. You can let us know if you encounter any technical difficulties, we will do our best to help. We want you to have 100% peace of mind when ordering our computers. That’s why we guarantee the quality of our build by using professional tools, sterilized workstation and safe packaging. Furthermore, we give you one year warranty on all the components, and, if that’s not long enough for you, we have options of extended warranty for up to three years.